Car wash vs. Self wash

Apr 19, 2022 | Blog

Washing your own car can sound like a good idea for several reasons. You can save gas money by not driving to the car wash. And maybe you get a sense of accomplishment from washing your own car … it can be a pretty cool achievement. While all of that is great, sometimes it’s just simply better to leave it to professionals and here’s why:


Soap Guesswork

The truth is, not every soap is made the same. And that’s because all cars differ in driving habits and locations. Some soaps are better for heavy-duty jobs, while others are designed for surface-level cleaning. Using the wrong soap can actually damage your vehicle’s exterior. That’s why it’s better to just leave the guesswork out and just head to the car wash.

Missed a Spot or Two

Weather can be unpredictable, especially here in Texas. It can also be hard on your car’s paint job. And because of this, cars should get a very thorough cleaning once the sun comes back out. If you leave stains or debris on a car, it can wear the surface down over time. We’ve seen it happen and know that to reduce the damage, washing your car regularly is key. With that said, doing it at home you may miss a spot or two, leading to stains and dirt not being taken care of properly.

Accidental Damage

Our professionals know exactly how to avoid damaging cars. Surprisingly enough, for as tough as some cars can be, the surfaces can be not so tough when it comes to damage. This can happen when you’re washing your car with the wrong soap, too much damage, or the wrong temperature water. With ClearWater Express, you can eliminate the uncertainty around doing the wrong thing. Because our team has been trained and knows exactly how to treat your car while doing the job.

More Elbow Grease

Ask anyone that works at a car wash, the work isn’t easy, to say the least. It’s a team effort with a lot of elbow grease involved! How many times have you pulled up to the car wash and only seen one person? Probably never and that’s why washing your car at home is simply just a lot harder and can actually lead to injuries if not careful.


If you’re in need of a car wash, check out ClearWater Express today!